What Every Angler Needs to Catch Breams on Lures

If you love fishing in Australia, you need to try catching some breams. Catching bream on light tackle is both fun and rewarding. Taking these fish on lures designed for lighter species can really add to the excitement of the fight.

In this article, we’ll tackle what you need to catch these fantastic fish.

Gear to Have

If you love taking more fish off light tackle, landing bream is a must! Having a good tackle box full of lures and tackle suited to targeting and catching bream will do nothing but make your day when you cast and hook up to a beautiful bream!

Breams are a fun fish to catch and will test your angling skills with their often head-shaking antics on the line. Landing bream is also very rewarding with their beautiful and tasty flesh! If you're planning on spending some time on the water, you will find plenty of bream to target.

There are plenty of areas where you will find bream on the off chance they may take your hook bait. You can increase your chances of catching bream through knowledge of bait, locations, and patterns that bream respond to.

Bream are great sports fish to chase, with a hard fighting and bitey nature, especially on light tackle.

Finding the Right Bait

Breams are opportunists and love to eat just about anything, making them a difficult fish to target. That can be a bit of a challenge, especially in areas that have been heavily fished. Sometimes you can't beat the basics, so take some live cockles, mini prawns, pipis, sandworms or fresh mussels, and try to find good bream locations and set up a rig to catch some fish!

Lures and Tackle for Bream

Bream are a great sports fish and can put up a solid fight on light tackle. To be able to fight these fish, you will need a solid setup with good quality gear that can withstand some light fishing pressure. We've listed some of our favourite gear for catching bream on light tackle. These products are tried and tested and will give you the best results.

  • Spooled Artificial Lures

  • Spooled lures are an excellent choice for catching bream, as they give you more casting distance and more chance of hooking up with a fish. If a bream sees one of these lures, they will often strike them hard, setting the hook securely.

  • Spinnerbaits

  • Spinnerbaits are a great all-around lure for bream and have a tough action on the water. They are great for those breams that are a bit picky on their bait, and spinnerbaits can be worked in various ways to attract the fish.

  • Soft Plastic Lures

  • Soft plastic lures are a great option when fishing for bream, as they are easy to fish with and can be worked very slowly or fast. When fishing with soft plastic lures, changing the retrieve speed and reeling is an integral part of the fight, as something like a splashing retrieve will drive the bream crazy.


    Bream are a fun fish to catch and target. Fishing for them on light tackle can be great as it's a bit of a challenge that will test your angling skills. There are plenty of bream in most waterways that will take your bait, so if you love fishing, you will enjoy catching some bream. Just make sure you have the right lure to do the job well.

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