Handcrafted timber crankbaits aren't something you often see, and these exciting new DeathCranks are very special. We have spent over 12 months developing these lures, with over 100 samples tested to ensure the perfect action. We've taken the trusted 'DeathWobble' action and tightened its wobble utilising a chin-bib. The swimming action is unique and will be the secret weapon to have in your tackle bag. We've designed the 70mm to be a floating lure that dives to 1m. Ideal for chasing Flathead, Jacks, Barra & wide variety of other species. The 90mm is a sinking version, designed to target larger Barramundi, Mulloway, and Mackerel & will be dynamite for throwing around reef edges. The ability to slow sink the 90mm version will mean you can target fish in various depths. If you're lucky enough to get your hands on one, we're positive the action these lures produce will be unlike anything in your tackle collection!
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