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702 Gwardar  7'0 | 213cm | PE 3-4 | Cast Weight:  20-50g

The long allrounder. Slightly lighter than the Tapain. The Gwardar is too, designed with our goldilocks butt length of 300mm, and is at home throwing almost anything. We love working 100-130mm vibes, prawns and 4-7” rubbers, pitching deep jerk baits to timber, shallow jerk baits on the flats, spinnerbaits and small to medium swimbaits. But most of all, we love this rod for topwater. If you’re as obsessed with surface fishing as we are, this is the rod for you. 

Designed to excel in the most brutal fights a casting rod can endure. 

Our signature casting series of rods were conceived of necessity. While many rods we used in the past did survive what we put them through, none truly thrived. 

Each model has been designed, refined, and tested in the harshest of combat scenarios for literally thousands of hours, seeing hundreds of trophy class fish landed. We are confident, no series has been so heavily tested prior to release. 

When you are faced with battling trophy-class fish, the attack is the best form of defence. Take the fight to them with the SERPENTES series.

All rods in the series feature the following:

 - Custom-designed parabolic taper carbon blanks with a protective coating

 - 2 piece butt joint

 - Spiral-wrapped double foot Titanium Recoil guide system

 - Fuji ACS reel seats

 - Fuji GMLGST silicone tips

 - Natural cork butt grip with engraved butt ring detail

 - Neoprene protective rod sleeve - ideal for traveling.

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