PE 8-10 JIG Ready Bundle


PE 8-10 JIG Ready Bundle

Whether your jigging 30kg plus Kingfish at Three Kings in NZ or drifting a Volcanic Peak in Fiji for XL Dogtooth Tuna this is the set up to do the job! 
Our rods are High-Quality Japanese Toray Corban with all the best Fuji componentry! You're going in with a fighting chance of landing your Trophy Fish with our Trophy JIG Ready Bundle! 
Bundle Includes
- PE 8-10 Jigging Rod 
- x2 Drunk Skunk 70g (Rigged - various colours)
- x2 Drunk Skunk 110g  (Rigged - various colours)
- x2 Drunk Skunk 150g  (Rigged - various colours)
- x2 Haymaker 200g  (various colours)
x3 Doggie Assist Hook Packets
SAVE OVER $110!!