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Keeping Things in Order | How to Prepare Your Tackle Box

tackle box bring on a fishing trip from missing at sea

Fishing is a relaxing activity that keeps you in tune with nature. It’s a great way to escape the noise of the city and retreat to the calmness of the waters. While fishing may be a soothing experience, it still requires plenty of preparation beforehand. This is why it’s vital to bring with you an organised tackle box.

How to Pack an Organised Tackle Box

Your tackle box contains everything you’ll need during a fishing trip from different lures, to lines, and hooks. Since every fishing spot will vary in its ecological diversity, you’ll need to bring the right fishing accessories compatible with local finds.

With the many trinkets and tools you need to separate in your tackle box, you may be shocked to see a disorganised mess. This is why it’s vital to properly arrange your tackle box before heading out to your next fishing adventure.

Before you pack your bags for your next fishing trip, here are three things you should consider:

  1. Buy the Right Tackle Box

Every fishing trip will vary, depending on how long you plan to fish and what you plan to catch. Traditional tackle boxes are similar to coolers with big, empty spaces. While this is great for a multi-purpose container, it’s not the best choice for fishing.

Instead of bringing your entire collection of fishing accessories on your fishing trip, opt for a smaller tackle box instead. It’s best to only pack what’s necessary, so you won’t fumble when looking for the right hook or lure when unpacking on your boat.

  1. Divide Your Compartments

Choosing the right size for a tackle box isn’t the only thing you should consider; you must also see if it can segregate different tools and accessories. Modern tackle boxes come with dividers you can move, relocate, and remove altogether. This makes it easier to arrange fishing tools of different sizes and purposes.

If you don’t want your tools getting tangled up with each other, you can add another layer of protection. Improvising with smaller and waterproof containers is the best way to have an organised tackle box. For example, you can purchase small Ziploc bags to keep small lures in one place. You can also repurpose plastic containers and Tupperware before placing your fishing gear in your tackle box.

  1. Organise Your Fishing Accessories

Once you have a list of all the fishing accessories you plan to bring on your trip, your next goal is to group them accordingly. Using your tackle box’s compartments and your improvised containers, arrange each accessory by category.

You can organise your fishing accessories by colour, especially if you have plenty of soft baits. On the other hand, you can lure in pairs at a time, whether they’re crankbaits, flies, or jigs. When dealing with sharp tools like treble hooks, remember to wrap them in rubber bands or keep them in foam-padded containers. Doing so prevents any punctures or holes poked in your tackle box.


Do not stress out if it is your first time fishing as it takes plenty of training and preparation, especially if you’re a newcomer trying it out as a hobby. Keep in mind that learning the proper technique and habits of being a better angler will be difficult without the right gear. For this reason, it’s vital to be stock full of the right fishing equipment and accessories when taking your spot at a port or boarding your charter boat.

Packing the right gear is the first step to ensuring a safe and successful fishing escapade. Without them, you could be stuck at sea without the right tools to reel in a great catch. Thankfully, our product catalogue contains all sorts of fishing accessories and equipment you'll need for your next charter boat trip. If you need a versatile and durable tackle bag, order from us today!

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